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Providing secure access to data for health research

Last month, Professor Ben Goldacre published Better, Broader, Safer, his review into the use of health data in research and analysis for the benefit of patients and the healthcare sector. We were pleased to contribute to the review and agree that there is a real opportunity now to build on achievements made during the COVID-19 pandemic for the wider benefit of UK citizens.

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Pre-market interviews open to cognitive assessment providers

Following a recent cognitive assessment tool pre-market discovery webinar, Our Future Health is now offering interviews with interested parties.

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CEO Dr Andrew Roddam interviewed for Genomics England podcast

Our Future Health CEO, Dr Andrew Roddam was interviewed by Chris Wigley from Genomics England as part of their G-Word podcast series. In the interview Andy and Chris discussed health data and how best to collect it, interventional research, personalised treatment and the importance of predictive prevention.