Our partnerships

Our partnerships are an important part of making Our Future Health a success, including providing part of the funding needed to set up and deliver our research programme.

Partnerships contribute to our mission of helping everyone to live longer and healthier lives.

For example, health charities and life sciences companies bring expertise in discovering, developing and producing new tests that improve the prevention, early detection and treatment of disease.

By joining forces, Our Future Health is able to reach a wider range of research expertise.

Our partnership with the NHS

We work closely with the NHS and with public authorities across all nations and regions of the UK.

We’ve partnered with NHS Blood and Transplant to give blood donors the opportunity to join Our Future Health.

NHS DigiTrials, a service run by NHS England, has helped us to invite millions of people to join our research programme.

Find out more about how we work with the NHS.

Our partnerships with industry

Our industry partners help to fund, design, and deliver our research programme. They bring expertise in discovering and developing new methods of prevention, detection and treatment of diseases.

Our industry funding partners are:

Find out more about how we work with industry partners.

Our partnerships with health charities

We have partnerships with many of the UK’s leading health research charities.

Our charity funding partners help to fund, design, and deliver our programme. They are:

We are also affiliated with numerous health charities, which help to raise awareness and co-promote our research programme. They are:

Find out more about how we work with health charities.

Our sports partnerships

We are currently building a network of sports partners, to help us achieve our goals.

Find out more about how we work with sports partners.

Our partnership principles

We have six principles that ensure our partnerships clearly support and align with our charitable objectives.

You can find them on our partnership principles page.

Interested in partnering with us? 

For opportunities to partner with Our Future Health, email us at partnerships@ourfuturehealth.org.uk 

Why volunteers choose to join Our Future Health

Our research programme needs millions of people to come together and help everyone live longer and healthier lives. In this article, members of the public discuss their personal reasons for signing up.

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