Our values as an organisation

Our values guide how we behave in all our work, our engagement with others and in our communications.

They complement and support our overarching aim, which is to help people live healthier lives for longer through better prevention, earlier detection, and improved treatment of diseases.

  • We must always be honest and transparent in our intentions and with the people and partners who contribute to this programme. The full benefits of this research can only be realised at scale and over time – it is essential that we build and retain the trust of all involved, by treating and protecting their contributions with the care we would expect. 
  • We can only achieve our goal by creating new partnerships and ways of working, bringing together people and organisations that can contribute and empowering, encouraging and supporting them to do so.
  • We are ambitious and committed to reducing the impact of diseases for everyone. Our goal is to fundamentally change the way researchers prevent, detect and treat diseases. This requires us to be challenging and bold when necessary, but only in support of that goal and for the benefit of participants.
  • For everyone to be able to benefit from this research programme, it is critical that it represents all kinds of people. We aim to make potentially complex subjects and processes as accessible as possible, without compromising the results.

‘I want to help people like me in the future’

Our Future Health participant Renuka Baldwin speaks about why she’s motivated to help change the lack of diversity in health research.

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