How we’re funded

Our Future Health is funded by an ambitious collaboration between the public, charity and private sectors. We are supported by UK Research and Innovation, life sciences companies and disease-related charities.

We received initial funding of £79 million from UK Research and Innovation – the UK Government-funded body that invests in science and research. This funding has been used to begin to deliver the programme. 

The Government’s 2023 Autumn Statement announced an extra £51 million of new funding, to be delivered through UK Research and Innovation. The funding will go towards genotyping the first one million participants, and recruiting hundreds of thousands of new volunteers.

In addition, we have raised £180 million from leading life sciences companies and health research charities, who are investing in and providing their expertise to support the design and delivery of our programme.  

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Who runs and funds the Our Future Health programme?

A video overview of who runs the Our Future Health research programme and how it’s funded.

Why volunteers choose to join Our Future Health

Our research programme needs millions of people to come together and help everyone live longer and healthier lives. In this article, members of the public discuss their personal reasons for signing up.

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