Our Future Health will give researchers from universities, charities, the NHS and companies involved in health research the opportunity to discover and test more effective ways to predict, detect and treat major diseases through a dataset that truly reflects the UK’s population.

Resources available

Resources that allow researchers to access and analyse the data are available.

How it works for researchers

The scale, depth and detail of Our Future Health will make it a world-leading resource for health research. The programme may hold the key to huge numbers of discoveries. These include:

  • identifying new signals to detect diseases much earlier than is possible now
  • developing new ways to predict with accuracy those at higher risk of disease
  • enabling better interventions by creating more effective tools, treatments and technologies

The intention is that the Our Future Health programme will provide two main types of resource for health research:

  • a prospective observational dataset for basic science, epidemiological, discovery and aetiological research, for example on the causes and early signs of disease
  • a translational research platform comprising a cohort of people who can be re-contacted for translational and implementation research

Studies using Our Future Health data

Researchers are already studying Our Future Health data to find new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases.

We publish a summary of every study using Our Future Health data on the Health Data Research UK website. To see the list of the studies, go to the website and select ‘Data Uses’.

Our governance

Find out more about the boards and committees that make up our governance, including the Access Board, who review applications for research.
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Trusted Research Environments

Learn more about how we make our data available for research in a secure data environment
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Key document

Our Future Health Protocol

Version 5.0 | October 2023 | PDF: 4 MB

Our ethics and governance framework

Version 2.0 | April 2022 | PDF: 514kb