We are a rapidly growing team of people who are energised by a shared goal: to create the UK’s largest ever health research programme. We work together to solve complex new challenges because we believe that the work we do matters. View our vacancies here.

Who should apply?

Our mission is to recruit up to five million adult volunteers from across the UK, who will each fill out a questionnaire and provide a blood sample. The data and blood sample will provide researchers with a powerful resource to identify new ways of tackling diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and dementia. The scale of our programme is unprecedented, which means we must find answers to big questions.  

Questions like:

  • How do we show people the social benefit of joining Our Future Health?
  • How do we help them to provide their data and blood sample?
  • How do we enable researchers to analyse it, and how do we store the information using the highest security standards?
  • How do we build something from the ground up that has the potential to improve the lives of future generations?

If you are excited by the challenge of finding answers to these questions, we want to hear from you. 

We encourage people of all backgrounds and cultures to apply to our roles. It is important to have a diverse range of people participate as volunteers in Our Future Health and so we believe that diversifying our workforce will help us achieve that goal. As we like to put it: to help all kinds of people, we need every type of person.

What our people say about working at Our Future Health

Nomsa Chari, Programme Operations Manager: “I chose to work at Our Future Health because it’s very rare to be part of research that requires 100,000 people, never mind five million. I like being involved in the challenge of working out how to reach that target.

People here come from diverse professional backgrounds, which makes it an exciting environment to be within. You get to watch everyone pour their expertise into the same pool. It presents a real opportunity to learn about other fields while advancing your own.”

Ben Symonds, Lead Technical Architect: “For me, the key thing about Our Future Health is that our work will have a lasting impact. We’re creating a national resource – our friends and family could use the things we’re working on.

In many ways it’s the ultimate job: we’re building something from scratch, we’re making something for good, and in 20 years’ time I’ll be able to say, ‘that thing I built back then is still being used for health research now’.”

Chloe Hayward-Grant, Head of Product: “I’m excited to work for an organisation with such a singular and compelling goal. My days are varied: we work in teams with designers, scientists, architects and engineers, along with external partners, to solve interesting problems. There are a lot of things to bring together and it really keeps me on my toes.

The working setup is flexible. I come into the office when it’s useful to do so (or when I want to catch up with someone for a real-world coffee!). If I’m not needed in the office, I work from home and get to spend more time with my dog, which I love.”

Explore our current job opportunities

You can find a full list of current vacancies by visiting our careers portal on Workable (this link will take you away from our site).