Our Future Health is an ambitious collaboration between the public sector, charities and companies. We work closely with the NHS and with public authorities across all nations and regions of the UK.

Charities and industry

Our partnerships with charities and industry will be an important part of making Our Future Health a success, including providing part of the funding needed to set up and deliver the programme.

Charities and life sciences companies have expertise in discovering, developing and producing new tests and methods for improving the early detection and treatment of disease. They will be able to apply to analyse the data and samples we collect to look for new ways to detect and treat diseases. They will also be able to apply to run additional studies, where some Our Future Health participants will be asked if they want to take part in more research programmes designed to explore new ways to improve the detection and treatment of diseases.

As well as funding, our charity and industry partners will bring considerable expertise, resources and enhanced value to Our Future Health.

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Medical research is done by researchers in companies, charities and universities. Through strong partnerships, we aim to make Our Future Health resources available to as many high-quality researchers as possible to help to speed the discovery and development of medicines, tests and equipment used to help treat, detect and diagnose diseases.

Researchers in universities and small/medium-sized companies will also be able to apply to use Our Future Health resources by paying a small fee, based on the cost of providing access to the information and samples we collect.

All proposals to access Our Future Health information and resources will be reviewed to ensure that they are ethically and scientifically sound. All researchers, whether employed by universities, government, the NHS, charities or companies, will be held to the same standards.

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NHS and healthcare

The unprecedented scale of Our Future Health means that it is important that we work closely in partnership with UK healthcare authorities and the NHS. Healthcare professionals will have a strong influence over the design and operation of the pilot programme and throughout the main stage when we scale up recruitment across the UK.

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Partnership opportunities

To find out more about opportunities to partner with Our Future Health, please email us at [email protected]

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