Our aim is to recruit up to five million people over the age of 18, from all backgrounds and ethnic groups, and from all across the UK to take part. This will make Our Future Health the largest ever health research programme involving members of the public in the UK.

World-leading health research

Our plan is to collect information from millions of people from across the UK, in a giant digital database. Researchers will use this resource to make new discoveries about human health and disease. This could transform the prevention, detection and treatment of conditions such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. So future generations can live in good health for longer.

A photograph of the people chosen to represent the diverse audience Our Future Health is looking to recruit

Who will be invited to join?

To help all kinds of people, we need every kind of person

We will be inviting people from all backgrounds and ethnic groups, all across the UK to be part of Our Future Health. We all have something unique to contribute. If you’re over 18 and living in the UK, you could join millions of other volunteers in helping to provide answers that might one day save and improve the lives of future generations.

Taking part in Our Future Health

At the moment, only a small number of people are being invited to join Our Future Health, as part of our pilots. This is so we can make sure everything works well before we invite all members of the public to take part. We will share details here when we’re ready to ask everyone to join.

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What does taking part involve?

If you join Our Future Health, we will build a picture of your health and lifestyle, by asking you to:

  • donate samples of your blood or saliva, including for analysis of your DNA
  • fill in questionnaires about yourself
  • allow us to securely access your health records
  • allow us to contact you in the future for more information about your health, or to invite you to take part in follow-on research.

What you share will be stored securely and used to understand health and disease. Nothing else.

An icon of two vials that represent the blood and/or saliva samples that will be collected as part of the Our Future Health programme
An icon of a clipboard that represents the health questionnaire that Our Future health participants will be asked to complete
An icon of a measuring ruler to illustrate how OUr Future Health will nly use the data participants consent to provide for health research
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Existing participants

If you have been invited to join Our Future Health and have already registered you can access your account on our participant website.