Pre-market interviews open to Trusted Research Environment (TRE) providers

News – 26 October 2021
Our Future Health is holding early engagement interviews with providers of TREs ahead of our procurement commencing early next year.

Our Future Health will be a resource that gives researchers from universities, charities, the NHS and companies involved in health research an opportunity to discover and test more effective ways to predict, detect and treat common diseases.

We aim to make Our Future Health resources available to as many high-quality researchers as possible and will provide access to our data for researchers within Trusted Research Environments (TRE). We are holding early engagement interviews with providers of TREs ahead of our procurement commencing early next year.

Please email to book your appointment and discover more about our TRE plans.

Secure online access for researchers

A TRE is a secure online environment that allows researchers to access de-identified data and perform analysis or computation, but not to export individual-level data from it.

The researchers using our TRE will come from many scientific disciplines and so will be used to all kinds of different tools and techniques – from bioinformatics and epidemiology to machine learning and social sciences. They’ll also be coming from all kinds of organisations, including universities, charities and companies.

We will be flexible in providing a wide range of researcher-friendly tools for data science and analysis, including the ability for researchers to bring additional data sets, libraries and code, and scale their use of chargeable cloud computing and storage.

Our TRE will enforce strict security, access control and provide auditable logs of researcher access, cloud and data usage and exports. This will be the default route for the majority of researchers accessing Our Future Health resources.

TRE procurement expected to begin early 2022

We aim to begin procurement of a TRE early in 2022 to host within our cloud infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure partner is the subject of a separate procurement (Our Future Health seeks public cloud infrastructure provider). In this procurement, we’re being supported by CURSHAW, a commercial transformation consultancy.

Book an appointment

TRE providers can now book a session to find out more about our plans by emailing