Our Future Health seeks public cloud infrastructure provider

News – 17 September 2021
Our Future Health is looking to work with a public cloud infrastructure partner with experience in hosting systems that store and process healthcare data securely.

We aim to recruit up to five million adults from across the UK to take part in the UK’s largest ever health programme.

From pilots to scaling up

Throughout 2021, Our Future Health has been running pilots to test various ways of recruiting participants into the programme and collecting biological samples. Our pilot projects have been deployed on a very minimal set of technology platforms, with the aim of learning quickly. In 2022 we will be moving to a scalable set of platforms to allow the programme to grow.

The technology platforms we need to create encompass ongoing interactions with our participants via web, mobile app and other channels alongside operational systems to power a large and ongoing programme. There will be a requirement for large-scale processing and storage of many kinds of health data, including genetic data.

We’ll also be deploying a cloud environment that enables researchers to discover and test more effective ways to predict, detect and treat common diseases.

All these platforms will be hosted in public cloud infrastructure.

The need for secure public cloud infrastructure

The safety and security of participant data is the most important consideration in the development of our technology platforms. We are seeking to work with a scalable public cloud infrastructure partner with experience of storing and processing sensitive healthcare data securely, to protect the public interest.

We’ve had modern cloud computing for around 15 years; the environment we create will need to evolve and persist over decades, taking advantage of efficiencies and innovations as they arise. Our cloud infrastructure provider will be one of our most important technology partners, working closely with us on some of the unprecedented technical challenges involved in setting up and building a programme of this scale.

An innovative and experienced public cloud infrastructure provider

We are very interested in hearing from innovative providers with relevant experience. Over the next three months we will run a procurement process to contract for the provision of public cloud infrastructure.

Value for money and technical innovation

Our Future Health is a charity, with significant public sector funding, and a mission to help future generations to live in good health for longer. We want to minimise spending to get the best value from our public funding, so we will need to achieve significant cost savings, particularly on data storage.

Want to know more?

We would like to speak with providers in this space to develop our requirements and contracting approach. If you would like to discuss your service offering with us or find out more please contact our procurement consultants kulofh.dhillon@curshaw.com

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