Our Future Health seek UK logistics evaluators

News – 24 February 2022
Our Future Health is seeking support from individuals to help us evaluate bids on our tender for biological samples logistics.

Seeking qualified logistics evaluators

To enable us to ensure our providers can meet the needs of Our Future Health, we invite suitably qualified individuals to join us in the evaluation process and are willing to provide an honorarium in exchange for help and support.

Evaluators will be responsible for evaluating the non-financial responses of interested bidders and we ask that volunteers are moderately experienced in the field of logistics services.

Evaluation timeframes

Evaluation activities are expected to take place from 7th March – 15th April 2022, the exact amount of time and specific dates needed will depend on the number of bidders and final bid period. This can be conducted online from any location and the initial training session will be recorded.

Akeso & Co on behalf of Our Future Health has published the contract notice and are in the process of preparing for the evaluation stage.

Register your interest

If you are interested in contributing to this procurement exercise, please contact: ofhtransport@akesoco.com to receive more information and register your interest.