Our Future Health launches recruitment for new trustees

News – 23 September 2021
Our Future Health is today launching a recruitment exercise for up to six new trustees.

Evolving and adapting

Our governance needs to evolve over time to make sure we have the right advice, expertise and oversight at each stage of our development, as we move from initial set-up to full rollout of our programme across the UK.

By expanding our board of trustees, we’re aiming to bring in additional skills, new ideas and diverse, independent perspectives to support the scale-up of our programme and to guide us through the years ahead. They will help to shape the policies, activities and resources of Our Future Health and provide strategic leadership across the programme.

We are also in the process of setting up advisory boards to provide expert guidance on important aspects of our programme, including ethics, science, diversity and inclusion, and technology.

High standards of governance

Our Future Health aims to work to the highest ethical and governance standards across all our activities. So our approach has also been designed in line with the charity governance code to make sure we are meeting the highest standards for the sector.

Effective governance will help us protect the privacy of our participants and the security of their data. It also means we can work successfully with the partners who help to fund, support and deliver our programme.

This programme of work will ensure that our governance and advisory board structure provides the right level of challenge and advice to our trustees and executives.

Our year ahead

Work to establish the full set of advisory boards is underway and will continue over the course of the year. Further information on the trustees’ recruitment exercise, which is now open, can be found here.