New industry partner joins Our Future Health

News – 21 September 2022
Our Future Health has welcomed Pfizer as an industry partner, delivering an additional investment of £10 million in the UK’s largest ever health research programme.

A collaboration between the public sector, charities and companies 

Our Future Health is an ambitious collaboration between the public sector, charities and companies.  

Pfizer is the fifteenth life sciences company* to join to join Our Future Health as an industry funding partner. As well as investing in the research programme, these partners are also contributing their expertise in discovering and developing new methods of prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases and health conditions.   

We are also working with a number of leading health research charities that are providing valuable support and experience. Our Future Health also has funding from UK Research and Innovation, the UK Government-funded body that invests in science and research. This funding is being used to set up and begin to deliver the programme. 

The UK’s largest health research programme

Our Future Health is currently inviting members of the public to join the programme in a phased region-by-region roll-out, with a goal to eventually welcome up to 5 million volunteers over the next few years.  

Researchers from across the entire life sciences community, including academia, industry and the NHS, will be able to apply to study Our Future Health resources for their crucial research to accelerate the discovery and development of innovative diagnostics and treatments. Volunteers’ data will be de-identified and held in ‘trusted research environments’ that meet strict security criteria and an access board, including independent experts and members of the public, will ensure Our Future Health resources are only used for health research in the public interest.  

Andrew Roddam, CEO of Our Future Health, said: “We’re looking forward to working with Pfizer to help make Our Future Health as impactful as possible. It is only with support and collaboration from multiple different sectors that we can deliver a programme at this unprecedented scale.” 

Dr Berkeley Phillips, UK Medical Director at Pfizer, said: “Pfizer are proud to be a Founding Industry Partner of Our Future Health and we are immensely grateful to the volunteers who will participate in the programme from diverse communities across the UK.  

“This research has the potential to accelerate the early detection and diagnosis of disease, develop innovative new treatments and improve the health of our population. Scientific collaboration is critical to address the health challenges of our time, and as illustrated throughout the pandemic, when we work together towards a shared goal much can be achieved.” 

Taking part

Members of the public who are interested in taking part in Our Future Health can register on our website. 

*Our Future Health industry partners: