LifeArc becomes a funding charity partner of Our Future Health

News – 16 May 2024
LifeArc has joined as a funding charity partner of Our Future Health.


LifeArc develop and support life sciences to remove the barriers that prevent promising discoveries from becoming available to patients. They identify areas with under-served healthcare needs, such as motor neuron disease, chronic respiratory infection, global health, rare disease, and childhood cancer, where their expertise in translational science can help the most.

Funding charity

LifeArc is one of the leading health research charities who are providing valuable support to help develop Our Future Health. In this role, along with providing funding, they will sit on our Founders Board, a crucial part of our governance that brings together the charity and industry partners who are co-funding the programme.

Our Future Health’s funding charities work collaboratively, sharing knowledge, expertise and resources to accelerate progress in improving health outcomes for the entire UK population, including under-served communities who historically have not been well represented in research programmes of this nature.

Dr Raghib Ali, Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer of Our Future Health, said, “We’re delighted that LifeArc has signed as a funding charity partner. LifeArc’s expertise in translational science and focus on some of the most under-served conditions like neurodegenerative diseases will help us to support research to detect such diseases earlier, intervene earlier and thereby prevent them.”

Dr Dave Powell, Chief Scientific Officer at LifeArc, said: “We understand the huge potential for patient impact offered by programs like Our Future Health and we see this alignment of clinical data as a pilot for a new digital future. We look forward to sharing our expertise in translational research with the wider OFH community, and we are excited about working in partnership to progress research in neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, into real benefits for patients.”

Our Future Health was set up with funding from the UKRI Accelerating Detection of Disease Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK. Dr Stella Peace, Executive Director for Healthy Living and Agriculture Domain at Innovate UK, said: “Innovate UK are delighted to welcome LifeArc as a funding charity partner at Our Future Health. With their extensive expertise spanning translational science, advisory services, and funding, they bring valuable capabilities to the table. Together, we look forward to leveraging their wealth of experience and resources in our mission to advance innovations that make life better.”

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