Last Man Stands and Our Future Health: Working together to hit disease for six

Spotlight – 15 April 2024
The UK’s largest health research programme and the world’s largest amateur T20 cricket league have renewed their partnership for a new season. And this year, the players are dressed to impress
Our Future Health volunteer and Last Man Stands cricket player, Sunny Patel

Cricket and health research. The two may not immediately seem to go hand in hand. But since the launch of our partnership with Last Man Stands last summer, the world’s largest amateur T20 cricket league has been helping to raise awareness of the UK’s largest health research programme.  

Look beneath the surface, and you discover that our two organisations have more in common than you might think. In our own ways, we’re both dedicated to helping people live longer and healthier lives. And we’re both committed to engaging with diverse communities across the UK, to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits. 

With 2024’s season about to start, Last Man Stands has a trick up its sleeve – or rather, on its sleeve. The competition’s 1000-or-so teams in England will play in eye-catching new kits that feature Our Future Health’s logo on the right sleeve.  

It’s the latest sign of our continuing partnership, designed to encourage people from diverse communities to take part in health research.

A Last Man Stands shirt, featuring the Our Future Health logo

‘I immediately wanted to step up and take part’

29-year-old Sunny Patel has been playing cricket for Wellingborough Super Kings in the Last Man Stands T20 league for eight years. 

“I saw Our Future Health promoted on Last Man Stands’ social media and immediately wanted to step up and take part because I have a family history of cancer and heart-related illness,” he says.  

“I’m aware that things like heart disease and diabetes are more prevalent in South Asians. I hope Our Future Health helps us to improve our understanding of these diseases and find better prevention and treatments for my community.” 

Sunny signed up in October 2023 and attended an appointment at a clinic in Milton Keynes. He says it’s exciting to know that over a million people have now joined him in taking part.  

“It’s amazing to see so many people taking action and getting behind the programme,” he adds.

Batting for diversity in health research

For Our Future Health, cricket offers an opportunity to connect with a wide range of people, including people from the South Asian community. 

“We’re delighted to be working with Last Man Stands,” says Dr Raghib Ali OBE, Our Future Health Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer. “By joining forces, we can reach even more people, particularly those from communities that have traditionally been underrepresented in health research. 

“Too many people today are suffering from diseases that we know are preventable – including diabetes, heart disease, strokes and many cancers. By building a research programme that truly reflects the UK population, Our Future Health can lead to new discoveries that work for everyone. 

“We know that cricket has a wide appeal across the UK. Last Man Stands is helping us to reach its significant community and create a lasting impact.” 

Proud partners

Last Man Stands Co-Founder Wayne Greve says they are proud to extend their partnership with Our Future Health. 

“This is one of the most important health research programmes of our time. We’re excited to play our part and promote it to Last Man Stands’ diverse membership,” says Wayne. 

“We have more than 18,000 registered players this season, across more UK regions and cultures than ever before. Our shorter T20 format, catering for those with busy schedules or looking for more social cricket, is only growing in popularity as time goes on. 

“We have an opportunity to address research inequalities, so that people of all backgrounds are represented in future healthcare discoveries. That’s why we’re encouraging our players to volunteer – for the benefit of everyone.” 

In the pink: Another of the new Last Man Stands shirts

The power of sport

Our Future Health’s sports partnerships manager Sam Colley says sport is an ideal way to inspire and engage different communities. 

“We believe in the power of sport to reach and engage the diverse audiences that are underrepresented in health research.  

“All credit to Last Man Stands for using their platform to inspire positive social change. We hope their example might encourage other sports organisations and ambassadors to support us on our journey to reaching up to five million volunteers.” 

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Let’s prevent disease together

By volunteering for Our Future Health, you can help health researchers discover new ways to prevent, detect and treat common conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

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