British Heart Foundation becomes a funding charity partner of Our Future Health

News – 10 June 2024
British Heart Foundation has become a funding charity partner of Our Future Health.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is the biggest independent funder of research into heart and circulatory diseases in the UK. They fund around £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them, including heart diseases, stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes.

Funding charity

The British Heart Foundation is one of the leading health research charities who are providing valuable support to help develop Our Future Health. In this role, along with providing funding, they will sit on our Founders Board, a crucial part of our governance that brings together the charity and industry partners who are co-funding the programme.

Our Future Health’s funding charities work collaboratively, sharing knowledge, expertise and resources to accelerate progress in improving health outcomes for the entire UK population, including under-served communities who historically have not been well represented in research programmes of this nature.

Dr Raghib Ali, Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer of Our Future Health, said, “We’re delighted that the British Heart Foundation has signed as a funding charity partner. We share a commitment to tackling heart and circulatory diseases and particularly focussing on research on prevention and in historically under-represented groups. We are looking forward to working with BHF towards a future where people can spend more years of their life with good cardiovascular health.”

Professor Bryan Williams OBE, chief scientific and medical officer at the British Heart Foundation said: “We are proud to become a funding partner in Our Future Health, a vital research programme with a mission to tackle the greatest health challenges facing us today. With one person in the UK dying every three minutes from cardiovascular disease, making transformational advances in prevention, detection and treatment of one of the country’s biggest killers is key to ensuring millions of people live in better health for longer.”

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Our Future Health was set up with funding from the UKRI Accelerating Detection of Disease Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK.